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charlie huston writes novels, movies and TV, sometimes comic books and recently a scripted original podcast.  12 of his novels have been published and a new one called CATCHPENNY will be out on April 9. he's currently writing a screenplay adaptation of his first book, CAUGHT STEALING, for an upcoming movie directed by Darren Aronofsy and starring Austin Butler. he's recently completed a spec TV pilot called ARCADIA for Tomorrow Studios. his daughter calls it HOT CRIMINAL ISLAND, which is super on the nose. his original scripted podcast about haunted cassette tapes is being developed with Atomic Monster for Audible.

his books are mostly about people who find themselves in too deep with stolen money or drugs or vampires or spies or the unknowable dangers of the future. he likes that kind of stuff. his TV work is similar. he's developed shows about cleaning up after dead bodies and penal colonies in space and more vampires and dirty cops for HBO, FX, HBO Max, Sony, and FOX.

the rumors about him? something about him running medical supplies to separatists and how he hid the stuff under bottles of slivovitz wrapped in straw so the border guards would take the plum brandy and never looked deeper? that and the other rumor about a ritual gone wrong. something like he tried to bind an efrieeti to the motor of a 69 Cougar to make a supernatural super charger, but then he mispronounced the third to last syllable of the incantation and got turned into a yellow house finch, and he'll stay that way until he achieves true self knowledge and opens his third eye? both of those rumors may seem like plausible stories to people who know charlie, but they are largely false. another rumor says he just wandered off with a notebook and a ballpoint pen and an old paperback with a creased spine. he had a sandwich and some potato chips and a can of 7-Up. said he'd be home later. that one has a lot of truth in it.

"you can find things if you look for them," someone said he said. "you can find things. look for them," someone said he said. someone. said he said. "find things, someone." he said, "someone find things."

Hi, I'm Charlie Huston. I do sometimes refer to myself in the third person, but only when I feel alienated from myself. It's not you, it's me.
Okay then.