22 Sep

Not one thing or the other.  So annoying.  How much time like that?  Here.  There.  The (double) space between.  Not big enough to fit either here or there.  But it should be one or the other, yes?  The gap has to be crossed and there you are.  He played that game that was really a trap.  Slipped into that space.  Waiting to get across.  Gap time.  Gap life.  Man, you can slip in there and have a hard time getting out.  

He had an idea for a story once.  About an iron building that trapped a wizard inside.  Wizards were really a thing for him.  This was a particularly nasty wizard.  This nasty wizard had minions to do his nasty will in the world, but couldn't escape the iron building.  It was in New York somewhere.  Downtown Manhattan?  There were cobblestones for sure.  That nasty wizard spent his time stewing and brewing.  Stewing on old wrongs done to him.  Brewing revenge.  What the nasty wizard did not do was plan how to break out of his iron building.  Just had his minions going around doing nastiness.  It was part of the trap of the building.  Lock him in with his nasty thoughts and watch him get mired in his own nasty.  Girl who designed that building, she didn't bother with locks.  The wizard hated iron, so that made him itchy and uncomfortable and moody and resentful and then he didn't even try to open a door and just walk out onto the cobbled street.  Which he could have done.  But he was stuck in a gap.  The girl, the one who had the idea how to trap the nasty wizard, she'd told everyone this was the way to do it, but none of them took her seriously.  "We need locks for the prick," they said.  And they tried it that way first, and the nasty wizard broke the locks and got out and fucked their shit up.  The girl, she didn't wait for permission to make the lockless iron building.  While everyone else was patting themselves on the back for locking up the nasty wizard, right before he escaped and fucked their shit up, she was working.  Design and build.  Her own contractor and lead carpenter.  When the nasty wizard came for her to fuck her shit up, she was ready.  Camped out in the iron building.  The nasty wizard walked in without a care, and she went out the back door.  He got caught up in looking for her, being pissed that she'd scampered away.  Then he realized the building was iron.  Then he fumed and stewed and brewed and summoned minions and got busy being in his gap.  His minions could have told him the iron building was wide open, but they didn't want him out of there.  They thought it was kind of funny.  Nasty fucker deserved it, they thought.

Always treat the people who work for you with respect and kindness.  That was something the nasty wizard could have benefitted from learning.

Also, most of the time the locks are in your fucking head.

He did write that story.  Some of it.  Enough of it.  It was a quick one.  Scribbled while he was going from one place to somewhere else.  It was enough of a story to make the between into its own place.  Somewhere he was for a short time.  In motion.

That was nice.