10 Dec

I don't even know why I'm trying to write something for this space right now. That sentence you just read? I had to correct four typos before I got to the end of writing it. I am blown. It starts early these days, and goes late. I am writing something I got into with some people I like, and a fire got lit under it a few days ago and now it needs to be done. This is a vibe I dread and love. An urgent call to deliver something yesterday. Not because a boss is kicking my ass for it, but because me and my partners have been working hard together and an opportunity has appeared to make the most of that work. The things you make yourself, and the opportunities you create with the work? That shit isn't even work. It's fuel. Waking up with a churning stomach, knowing that no one is keeping score, it's just you that gives a shit, that is a terrible, wonderful feeling. 

That fuel spills all over the place and next thing you know you're clacking out stream of consciousness entries for your stone age website. PS - I love my stone age website.

Hey, that email option below, I read that stuff and I reply to it myself. I can't play well in social media because it's like a handful of trigger thrown in my face over and over, but I like a simple email correspondence. May take me some weeks to check the box, but I get around to it.

What else?

I recently watched some movies I really dug.

"In Fabric" is indescribably wonderful-weird. A little like the secret love child of "Susperia" and "Beyond the Black Rainbow."

"Godzilla Minus One" is the best giant monster movie I've seen in forever and forever and forever, and also a fine anti-war movie. Love it.

Rewatched "Ashes and Diamonds" and got blown away all over again. One of the most beautiful things ever made.

"Kills on Wheels" was so unexpected, so entertaining and moving. Maybe we can quibble about the ending, but I'd rather not. I'm just accepting it for what it is.

I watch a lot of movies on Kanopy, the free service that you subscribe to via a library card. They have the most eclectic selection out there. And as far as I can tell, no algorithm prompting your choices, so you don't get caught in a feedback loop of the same twenty titles.

Fucking hell, Boy Genius covered "The Parting Glass" as a tribute to Sinead O'Connor and I was sitting there crying at the kitchen table when I heard it.

I am rereading Thieves World for the first time in about forty years. It's just about exactly what I remember. I still love the concept of a bunch of writers sharing a world and jamming on their own short stories set in that world. I tried pitching that kind of thing as an anthology TV show a few times and got a lot of blank looks. One of the many hints that maybe I am not well evolved for TV.

Also recently loved Grady Hendrix's My Best Friend's Exorcism (book, not movie), James Salter's Solo Faces, oh shit, "The Final Terror" (like "Deliverance" meets "Friday the 13th"), the last two Ashe albums and Nadeah's first album.

So there, I start writing totally lost, and I end up writing about shit I love. Fantastic!